Is it a bird, is it a plane? No… it’s probably just dad, doing dad-dancing to some cheesy old pop song on the radio.  

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Although he doesn’t wear a cape or anything (I’m pretty sure mum wouldn’t let him out in public like that) my dad is definitely a Super Shed Man – the garden shed is his second home.  Whenever I visit my parents it’s: “Hi mum, where’s dad?” Answer:  “in the shed, he’s been in there since lunchtime”.  Dad knows where everything is in that shed, and believe me – there is a whole lot of stuff crammed in there (mostly stuff they probably don’t even make anymore, but he thinks might come in useful one day).  Even the spiders camping out in the corners are a bit impressed.  But it’s his happy place – and if there’s junk and spiders – so be it.

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My husband, on the other hand, now he is more of a Gadget Man.  If it’s electronic, whizzy and preferably with a screen – then he’s straight there.  Still, when the laptop stubbornly refuses to boot up or “Wrong password” shouts back at you for the zillionth time, it always amazes me how he only seems to have to look at the thing and it suddenly works.  Now how does he do that?

Super Dad 38mm Badge or magnet from £0.99 + pp AVAILABLE HERE

They may not all be perfect – but here’s to all the amazing Dads out there.  Your invisible capes make you the super guys you are.




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