This month sees our 1st anniversary on Etsy (where did that year go?).   It’s been a      very interesting 12 months, mostly happy – a little fraught at times – but always satisfying, especially when we get positive feedback from our customers.


what I want
What I want available HERE

Right from the very beginning, we’ve been determined to stand by our company ethos of supplying high quality products at a competitive price along with top notch customer service.  A simple mission statement maybe, but, as they say in LaLa Land: simple doesn’t always mean easy. It means emailing the USA at midnight to work out a custom order; it means building a working relationship with the printing company so they will do a superfast, re-run because the shade of the coffee image wasn’t quite ‘coffee’ enough.  It means checking every single badge, no matter the size of the order, for lint, for alignment, to making sure the pin component is not too short so it doesn’t come undone. 


Peace and love
Peace & Love available HERE

Twelve months ago we said we would give this on-line thing a go and see how things worked out:  now our buttons have winged their way all over the world and we’re having to rein in the flurry of ideas we have for the next 12 months.  If it wasn’t for our wonderful customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we are so very grateful for the continued support we’ve been shown.  

drama llama
Drama Llama available HERE

So, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the customers who are wearing, or  are maybe thinking about wearing, a ButtonChops badge and hope to see you here over on Etsy in the coming year.


Bea, Click and MJ  (not forgetting Louie the Bichon)




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