This week we celebrate our 3rd birthday!  Three years old, who wadda thought it? It’s been an interesting journey – lots of fun, a number of ‘yays’, a few ‘grrrs’ and one or two ‘oh no’s!

There was even one time when we were ready to throw in the towel; sales had gone down, the cost of postage had gone up and our motivation had gone awol.  


on a day when we were feeling really low, we received a couple of amazing reviews and e-mails thanking us for our service.  Now I know, giving reviews is a real pain – who’s got time for that, right? Reviews are for complaints and warning off other customers. If everything has gone tickety-boo, you don’t need to congratulate or wave a flag for others to see – surely the company has only done what it should be doing?  Well yes, but sometimes it’s not quite like that. We are not a huge corporation or even a slightly middle-sized-with-big -ideas company. We are a small group of 3 individuals, who make stuff by hand in a highly processed world and a review can make or break a day. 


We have families (with family issues), bad health days, bad mood days, good mood days, cars with bits falling off, plumbing that’s needed fixing for 6 months, parents evenings, weekly shopping, buttons that need sewing on, parents who need taking to the hospital on a regular basis, printers who want to take over the world and wont take any orders from humans, meals to cook, school runs to run, bills to pay, dogs to walk, cats to take to the vet, Post Office queues to tackle, Netflix to watch and teenagers to battle with on a daily basis..  In other words, we are a tiny group of human beings with human feelings and failings. When a bad review or complaint comes in it can sting you, but you have to learn from it. And then again, when someone takes the time out to say great… well, that can lift you a thousand miles.

Anyway, thanks to those wonderful reviews, we agreed to hold on for 1 more month…. and to our amazement, the stars aligned and things started to turn around.  Now here we are, another year later; we still have amazing customers and although the postage will probably go up again, (unfortunately, it’s an annual event) we are braced against it this time.  The motivation has swooped back in and there are new projects on the horizon which we are very excited about.  

We make no apologies for including some of the fantastic things our customers have said – after all, if you can’t blow your own trumpet on your 3rd birthday, when can you?

JAnderson USA Sept, 2019
Wow! Now all my friends want one, too!  I WILL be ordering again!
Emma UK Dec, 2019
Love this so much! Prompt delivery, will definitely shop here again! Thanks
Katheryn UK Dec, 2019
Wanted to tell you that the badge arrived and the person who it was a secret Santa for, LOVES IT!
Thank you so much for being amazing and sending it out so quickly.You’re fab xx
Jenna USA Feb, 2020
The buttons look GREAT!! Thank you Bea!

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