Love is Love, LGBT Gay Pride pin
Love is Love pin available HERE

It’s June (so where did those first 6 months of the year go?)  The weather is finally starting to warm up, people are starting to shed their outer layers,  the trees have turned the freshest of greens and the birds are singing.

June is also Pride Month when cities around the world stage their own parades and carnivals to celebrate and support gay, lesbian and trans culture.

In the UK, the largest event takes place in Brighton on Saturday 4 August, which coincides with the Pride Festival held at Preston Park between 3 and 5 August, (headlined this year by the which is this year being headlined by the legendary Britney Spears.

Other key events taking place across Britain this summer include:

  • Pride Edinburgh – 16 June

    Gay pride this is who I want to be
    Who I want to be pin available HERE
  • London Pride – 7 July
  • Pride Glasgow – 14 July
  • Bristol Pride – 14 July
  • Newcastle-upon-Tyne – 21 July
  • Belfast Gay Pride Festival – 27 July-5 August
  • Norwich Pride – 28 July
  • Sheffield Pride – 28 July
  • Nottingham Pride – 29 July
  • Pride Cymru – 25 August
  • Manchester Pride – 25 August

This summer’s biggest Pride events in Europe are:

  • Riga, Latvia – 9 June
  • Rome, Italy – 9 June
  • Vienna, Austria – June 16
  • Dublin, Ireland – 21-30 June

    Gay Pride so over the rainbow - Edited
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  • Barcelona, Spain – 30 June
  • Paris, France – 30 June
  • Madrid, Spain – 7 July
  • Budapest, Hungary – 7-8 July
  • Frankfurt, Germany – 21 July
  • Berlin, Germany – 27-29 July
  • Oslo, Norway – 27-30 June
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 3-5 August
  • Stockholm, Sweden – 4 August
  • Prague, Czech Republic – 11 August
  • Copenhagen, Denmark – 18 August

And around the world, you can celebrate Pride in:

  • Washington, DC, US – 7-10 June

    Gay pride gender activist
    Gender Activist pin available HERE
  • Tel Aviv – 8 June
  • Shanghai, China – 8-18 June
  • Los Angeles, US – 9-10 June
  • New York, US – 15-24 June
  • Toronto, Canada – 22-24 June
  • Chicago, US – 23-24 June
  • San Francisco, US – 23-24 June
  • Rio de Janiero, Brazil – 24 June
  • Vancouver, Canada – 5 August


Wherever you are and whatever you do, everyone here at ButtonChops would like to wish you a happy celebration and keep on right on rainbowing until you drop!

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This week is National Coffee week in the UK.  I’m not sure what that actually means to be honest, but hey, every day is a National this-that-or-other Day so I suppose it’s only right that coffee gets a fair crack of the whip.

insert coffe to begin
Button Badge Available HERE

Anyone who knows me also knows that I love coffee.  I’m a coffee addict: my blood group is Skinny Latte positive.  If I don’t start the day with a coffee hit, then look out happy people – there’’s a grump on the loose.


My morning coffee time is my quiet time: it’s when I get work done on the computer, or catch up on reading, it’s when I can sit and work on more designs.  It’s a very valuable stop time – something I’ve learned to embrace and not feel guilty about.  I used to fret: “what am I thinking, sitting here doing nothing when there’s so much to do”.  And there you have it – the proverbial nail on the head – because there will always be more to do!  We all strive to make more time, only to fill it right up again.   

Button Badge Available HERE

My coffee time grounds me (see what I did there?), it allows me to stop, sit down and take time out. Rather than feel guilty about it, I channel it into being a more positive experience and a creative opportunity.  Coffee and creativity – perfect partners – now what’s not to like?

may contain coffee
Button Badge Available HERE



This month sees our 1st anniversary on Etsy (where did that year go?).   It’s been a      very interesting 12 months, mostly happy – a little fraught at times – but always satisfying, especially when we get positive feedback from our customers.


what I want
What I want available HERE

Right from the very beginning, we’ve been determined to stand by our company ethos of supplying high quality products at a competitive price along with top notch customer service.  A simple mission statement maybe, but, as they say in LaLa Land: simple doesn’t always mean easy. It means emailing the USA at midnight to work out a custom order; it means building a working relationship with the printing company so they will do a superfast, re-run because the shade of the coffee image wasn’t quite ‘coffee’ enough.  It means checking every single badge, no matter the size of the order, for lint, for alignment, to making sure the pin component is not too short so it doesn’t come undone. 


Peace and love
Peace & Love available HERE

Twelve months ago we said we would give this on-line thing a go and see how things worked out:  now our buttons have winged their way all over the world and we’re having to rein in the flurry of ideas we have for the next 12 months.  If it wasn’t for our wonderful customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we are so very grateful for the continued support we’ve been shown.  

drama llama
Drama Llama available HERE

So, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the customers who are wearing, or  are maybe thinking about wearing, a ButtonChops badge and hope to see you here over on Etsy in the coming year.


Bea, Click and MJ  (not forgetting Louie the Bichon)




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2017 Review – Autumn Leaves

Continuing our review of 2017

Autumn in the Peak District

Autumn in England can be a beautiful time. I say can be, because like any season here, it has its moments. Admittedly, it rains…. a lot, and then there’s the gales and the cold biting wind…. and some days you just want to stay indoors with a hot cup of tea, letting the world go by.  But not every day.  Indian Summers are not unknown and a crisp, dry day under a blue sky will blow away the cobwebs and warm the cockles of your heart. Hey, I’ve even been known to take my cardi off in October (totally living on the edge, that’s me).

chatsworth header
The Peak District – quintessential English countryside

The weather was especially kind to us during our weekend in the Peak District, a beautiful area of central England with breathtaking scenery.   Green rolling hills and trees turn to gold and red as they prepare to end the year with a fiery swathe of colour, the cold blue/grey of the streams, white bubbling over the cobbles.  We made a quick stopover in Bakewell; very quaint with a padlock bridge and very crowded with lots of dogs (nearly everyone seemed to have one) and yes, we might have had a pastry or two…. it would have been rude not to.


Then on to the highlight of our visit – The stately home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire – Chatsworth House and the Five Centuries of Fashion exhibition*.  My middle daughter (a Fashion Historian and avid dressmaker) and I are both historical fashion addicts, it’s a real passion for us.  To see how things were so beautifully made so long ago, without the benefits of the machinery/technology we have now, never ceases to amaze and fascinate me.   So when we heard about this exhibition we just had to go along and feed our addiction – and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  

By Natalie-S - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Chatsworth House – att. Natalie S

When Laura Cavendish, Countess of Burlington wanted a christening gown for her newborn son, James, her mother-in-law, the Duchess of Devonshire suggested a look in the Chatsworth Textiles Dept (as you do).  Of course, my own Textiles Dept is a cardboard box marked “baby clothes” in the attic, but then my humble abode is not quite the ancestral home of Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice (Colin still nails it imo).  Anyway, back to the Chatsworth Textile Dept; not only did the Countess find several christening gowns, but also a wealth of other items all carefully packed and labelled, many of which hadn’t been seen for years.  So the seeds for the exhibition were sown and 6 years later a lavish display of gowns, robes and tiaras were set to tell the story of this wonderful house and it’s occupants.

chatsworth wedding
I do, I do, I do

Every room was a sumptuous celebration of the fascinating characters who have graced the grand staircase, from Bess of Hardwick, the first Lady of Chatsworth, through to the fashion icon of the 18th Century, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire right up to Deborah “Debbo” Mitford, Adele Astaire, “Kick” Kennedy and Stella Tennant.   Livery, Coronation robes, fancy dress costumes, wedding dresses, mourning wear, bags, hats and headdresses, even a solid gold dog collar made for the 6th Duke’s spaniel and Stella’s old nose ring, it was all there, along with letters, notes and photographs – an eclectic treasure trove displayed perfectly in its own environment.   

The Centuries wove in and out through the collection, from a 16th Century buckle belonging to Bess to a ‘punk room’ and a ‘Georgiana corridor’ at the end of which was a magnificent Galliano gown worn by Tennant – cleverly placed in front of a portrait of Georgiana, the fashionista herself – she could have worn it for sure. 

Galliano meets Georgina

Some of the items were quirky, like the 11th Duke of Devonshire’s monogrammed jumpers declaring slogans such as: “Never marry a Mitford” (he did – Debo) and “Bollocks” (not sure what caused that particular one) and a pair of Debo’s ‘Elvis’ house slippers (apparently she was a huge fan).

However, most were simply outstanding in their workmanship and craft, such as the exquisite ‘Queen of Zenobia’ gown made by the House of Worth for Louise, Duchess of Devonshire to wear to the Diamond Jubilee Ball in 1897.

chatsworth detail
Detail from the train of the ‘Queen of Zenobia’ gown made by the House of Worth 1897

The final display in the Great Dining Room was a curator’s dream.   Thirty mannequins posed around the room, as though in conversation over cocktails at the end of the day – each wearing an outfit by top Design Houses: Chanel, Westwood, Dior and Balmain.  We became immersed in this tableaux, marvelling at the elegance yet almost disbelieving the extravagant decadence.

Curated by the talented designers Patrick Kinmonth and Antonio Monfredo, along with Hamish Bowles (Editor-at-large from Vogue) – this was one of the best exhibitions I had seen in a long while.  The setting and material helped of course, but their imagination and  insight had made it an experience to remember long after you had left the gilded halls of the Cavendish Family.


*Five Centuries of Fashion Exhibition at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire has now closed

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Week 2 in our review of 2017.

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Pompeii

Summer in Sorrento

Italy is one of my favourite places and especially the gorgeous Bay of Naples. The weather there is fantastic, the scenery breathtaking, sunsets that will stop you in your tracks, food to die for and the locals? Well, they seem to have a certain chic I believe can only be achieved if you are actually born with it.   I do adore the area, but whenever I visit I always feel a sense of something darker, something you can’t quite put your finger on.  It’s almost like everything is fine on the surface, especially for the pleasure of the tourist – and particularly those who give the impression of having cash – but you just scratch at that surface and….

Ah money, money, money… Here you are in Naples, the 3rd largest city in Italy, but also one of the poorest in Europe with a shockingly high unemployment rate.   Gritty is a word often used to describe it and despite the best intentions of the Neopolitans, tourists are still reluctant to go there because of it’s bad reputation, and the crime levels.   In fact, a local guide told us even some residents from the neighbouring town of Sorrento are afraid to go there.

Sorrento street
Sorrento street

Yet, hop on a hydrofoil and 40 minutes will take you away from all that grittiness, over the rainbow to the golden, hedonistic island of Capri.  Back in AD26 the Emperor Tiberius, packed his bags, waved so long suckers to Rome and headed off to Capri. There he stayed for the next 11 years, ruling the Empire and according to Suetonius, giving himself to “all the vices he had struggled so long to conceal”…. in what people charmingly referred to as the “old goat’s den”.  The idea of Capri being a playground in a private paradise stuck. Famous residents and visitors have included the Marchesa Casati, Clark, Rita, Bridget, Audrey, Jackie, Leo, Taylor and Swarovski family…. the list goes on; the blue island still captivates the rich and powerful. “Gritty” can never be used to describe Capri: beautiful people totter beautifully through the most expensive crowded, cobbled streets in the most expensive clothes imaginable.  Gorgeous is the only way of life.

Capri view
Looking out from Capri

Of course, not everyone can live up to Capri standards.  Here’s me: hair scrunched up, complete with tourist rucksack, comfy sandals, even comfier cotton shorts, perspiring and stopping every half hour to sit down and fan myself in the heat.  No competition for the Capri elite: full make-up (including non-smudge, non-melting winged eyeliner),  3” stiletto heels, not even glowing let alone perspiring, complete with at least 4 bulging pieces of designer shopping bags.  This is the place to see and be seen.  In Anacapri, a single night (high season) in Capri Palace Hotel with it’s 2 Michelin star restaurant can set you back almost £2k ($2834).   Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Naples anymore.

Room with a view Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples may be one of the most beautiful places in Europe, but it comes with a price.  Nature will inevitably have the last word – although the weather was awesome (a bit too hot for some, but hey, I like the heat) forest fires burned continually and there was an earthquake on Ischia whilst we were there.   


forest fire
Forest fires in the sunset

And then of course there is Vesuvius.   Of the 3m people living in the area around the volcano (which includes Naples), approximately 600,000 reside in what is known as the ‘red zone’.  This area will take the biggest hit should there be a major eruption, so why would anyone even still be there?   Yet there they are; all 600,00 of them, many in illegal housing.  Those living at the very feet of this threat carry on as though that huge, rumbling rock is just a brooding backcloth.  It’s there. What can you do?  It brings in the tourists – we’ll deal with it if, and when, it happens.  The astute observations of human behaviour in the bestselling series of Neopolitan novels by Elena Ferrante, perfectly encapsulates the outlook here.  It’s just the way of things.  

Back on Capri is the Villa San Michele.  The former home of Swedish born physician Axel Munthe (1857-1949) who declared: “my house must be open to the sun, to the wind, and the voice of the sea, … “ has some of the most stunning views and gardens I have ever seen.  However, in the midst of all this heaven on earth, there on the floor by the entrance to the kitchen is a mosaic of a skeleton holding 2 pitchers.  Not quite the interior design most people would choose to welcome friends and family to an idyllic dinner, until you realise many ancient dining areas had a similar image as a reminder to eat, drink and enjoy life, for tomorrow you may die. Sound advice for anyone, but especially for the people of this area.  Cash may be king and Vesuvius may be quiet today, maybe quiet tomorrow – but just over there, the ruins of Erculano and Pompeii are stark reminders that nature holds the trump card.


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So  now the Christmas decorations are packed away and the last of the tree pine needles have been vacuumed up (I wish – if it’s anything like last year, I’ll still be finding them in July) and I find myself in true John Lennon style looking back at ‘another year over – and what have I done?’

Well, 2017 was a bit of a mixed bag, but on the whole it was very positive.  I experienced so many wonderful things last year and I realise as I am getting older, I certainly tend to prefer experience over material things.  Gone are the days when I’d drool over the latest phone, jeans, trainers, handbag, computer or whatever.  It took a long time and a lot of hard earned cash for that particular penny to drop.  Oh, quelle surprise…those things never last – what was I even thinking – they aren’t made to.  The whole idea is to keep you hooked – always wanting the next new thing: just take out your wallet and open wide – this won’t hurt a bit (much).


Now, experiencing a beautiful vista or work of art gives me a much bigger buzz – and for much longer.  They say experience is the best teacher, but it comes at a price.  Unfortunately, this is very true (soz Mr Bank Manager – but please, won’t you look at my gorgeous pictures of Vesuvius?).  I may have to work even harder this year to keep Mr Bank Manager sweet (I know… how about a slice of  Bakewell Tart? No? Well, wait till you hear this piece by Prokofiev…).

Any road up, back to what have I done.  I’ve deliberately left out the negative stuff at the moment – now is not the time or place to go there – instead, over the next couple of weeks here are some of the more positive things we got up to in 2017…..


This was quite a big leap into the unknown for us.  Having made a few protest badges because of the political climate in the UK (what with Brexit and austerity), we decided to take the plunge and dip our toe into the choppy online seas.  We had read that Etsy was a tough nut to crack:  don’t get your hopes up they warned, could be weeks or even months before you see a single sale!  Undeterred, we thought we would still give it a go, after all, you don’t know if you don’t try, right?   

Find our Etsy Store HERE

So last March we opened an Etsy shop, made ourselves a cup of tea, sat back and waited. Anyway, to cut a long story short, our very first week online saw our first sales (we were so unprepared, we hadn’t even ordered enough padded envelopes!) and since then we’ve gone from strength to strength.  It’s certainly taken us by (pleasant) surprise, in 10 months we’ve sent badges all over the world: to 30 different states across America, to 15 different  European countries as well as the far shores of Australia.   Sure, we’ve had a few challenges (with both equipment and customers), one or two requests have certainly raised an eyebrow and we’ve met (phew) tight deadlines, sent out buttons for weddings, schools, baby showers, parties, protests and graduations…. and it’s all been a blast.


We still get excited when orders come in and every single one, whether it’s for a single button or a 100 custom-designed badges, is pressed and sent out with the same care and attention to detail.  My colleagues may roll their eyes when they see me hunched over a 1 inch button pin with a magnifying glass, checking for lint and making sure the button is “clean”, but I want our products to be top quality and so far, our reviews are saying it’s all worth while.  Our aim at ButtonChops is to bring back a business sense of high standards, value for money and excellent customer service.  Old fashion ethics in today’s cheap and disposable world maybe, but I for one, was fed up with being expected to accept poor quality items and even worse customer service  (“that’s the way things are now – like it or lump it”).  I wanted to do something about it.

So here we are….

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  And here at ButtonChops we really do believe that.  We love Christmas, in fact we could probably out-Elf Elf when it comes to all things Santa.

As part of our Christmas designs this year, we have introduced a range of personalised Christmas pinback badges.  They are a whopping 3” (77mm) in diameter and come in a variety of styles which can be customised with your own short personal message.  Each badge comes in it’s own drawstring pouch, so it is completely ready to pop into a Christmas stocking or Christmas Eve Box.

Xmas boy 77mm
Xmas badge available HERE

Our last recommended order dates are:

                                                          Australia and New Zealand   5th December

                                                                 USA and Canada                10th December

                                                                 Europe                                 11th December

                                                                 UK                                        18th December

xmas girl 77mm766217607..jpeg
Xmas badge available HERE

So why not pop over to our shop on Etsy and have a little peek.  We’d love to help spread some Christmas cheer.

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Every couple of months we have a little bit of fun with a feature called: ‘Who wears it better?’ – where we compare a couple of examples of how to look stylish in a pinback badge.

All you need is love a badge

First up in this month’s battle of the pins is the late, great George Harrison.  Now I have to own up, I loved George – he was my favourite Beatle back in the day, so I may be ever so slightly one-sided here.  But I digress – George is looking totally gorgeous and totally on fleek 1970s in this photo (taken in 1974).  The badge is a little oversized: big enough to see the illustration, but not too big that you look like you’ve just left a toddler’s birthday party. Personally, I would have stopped with just the 1 badge, but he is George – so he can do no wrong.  OK, yep that was a teensy weensy bit bias.



Next up is the Secretary of State for Health, The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP.  Here we see Jezza unfortunately looking like he’s sat on an open pinback just as the camera

Pickled egg sarnie anyone?

clicked.  (Oops, don’t worry Jez – we’ve all been there).  Jeremy is wearing his official NHS pin – although at first glance I thought it said MI5 for a minute (but then I do need new glasses).  And therein lies heart of the problem –  the size on the badge.  Basically it’s just too small.  Now I realise it isn’t Jeremy’s fault – after all, this is the official pin and he is obliged to wear it, but it is something to bear in mind.

Whilst a badge which is too large can look childish and attention grabbing, a miniature version can be just as off-putting.  No-one wants to get up that close and personal to read a tiny pin (and especially when it’s stuck onto a politician).  Not only do you get the message, you may well get to know what they had for lunch into the bargain.


Sorry Jeremy, but George is the runaway winner here.  Got it right on all fronts (see what I did there?).  Tiny badges are not the way to go: no-one wants to get within 10cm of your heaving chest or smell the pickled egg sandwich you had an hour ago.  And personal space is well… such a personal thing.  So well done George! (from a totally unbiased panel of 1 judge).