Is it a bird, is it a plane? No… it’s probably just dad, doing dad-dancing to some cheesy old pop song on the radio.  

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Although he doesn’t wear a cape or anything (I’m pretty sure mum wouldn’t let him out in public like that) my dad is definitely a Super Shed Man – the garden shed is his second home.  Whenever I visit my parents it’s: “Hi mum, where’s dad?” Answer:  “in the shed, he’s been in there since lunchtime”.  Dad knows where everything is in that shed, and believe me – there is a whole lot of stuff crammed in there (mostly stuff they probably don’t even make anymore, but he thinks might come in useful one day).  Even the spiders camping out in the corners are a bit impressed.  But it’s his happy place – and if there’s junk and spiders – so be it.

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My husband, on the other hand, now he is more of a Gadget Man.  If it’s electronic, whizzy and preferably with a screen – then he’s straight there.  Still, when the laptop stubbornly refuses to boot up or “Wrong password” shouts back at you for the zillionth time, it always amazes me how he only seems to have to look at the thing and it suddenly works.  Now how does he do that?

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They may not all be perfect – but here’s to all the amazing Dads out there.  Your invisible capes make you the super guys you are.






Everyone loves buttons and badges – but some people seem to wear them with more panache than others.  So, just for fun…. who wears it better?

Screenshot 2017-05-22 at 09.40.19 - Edited


Jacob Rees-Mogg – seen here at a recent hustings in a rather flamboyant rosette and centre button.

To wear a badge of this size, you certainly need the self-confidence to match.

Bit showy for our liking, but it does grab the attention, so we guess it does the job.





Lady Constance Bulwer-Lytton, a.k.a Jane Warton, Suffragette and campaigner – protesting in Liverpool 1910.

Posing as a seamstress (Jane Warton) – the badge and enamel pins fit in well with the outfit.

Not too over-elaborate, but just enough to show alliance and call attention to the cause.





We think that Lady Constance pulls it off here.  She shows just how to wear a badge with flair and class.  Sorry Jacob – you forgot the first rule of button wearing: only wear a badge as big as your face if you are under 10 years old.

WINNER:  Lady Constance


**We don’t actually have a wooden badge for Mr Rees-Mogg – but we CAN recommend one of these:

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Dream Big

This week saw the teen’s 15th birthday.  Now, how on earth did that happen?   One minute she’s dancing carefree and barefoot around in her fairy outfit – now she’s almost as tall as me, fused to a pair of headphones and stressing over school exams. Chemistry formulae and electromagnetism have taken over from the fantasy worlds and where she was once covered in chocolate cake smudges, there is now ‘experimental’ makeup.  The hair is never ever right (headbands and hair bobbles have long been replaced by the straighteners) and if they held an Olympic event for dramatic sighing – well, that Gold medal would be handed straight over, no problem.

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So the dreams may have changed, but I hope they will continue to be as big as the magical kingdoms she once danced through. And anyway, some things remain the same….she still likes chocolate cake. Oh, and her room is still an absolute tip.   



Today’s badge has been inspired by the superwoman that is Serena Williams.  Her brilliant reply to racist remarks made about her pregnancy was just as formidable as her performance on the tennis courts.  


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Owning it. As always.


Busy, busier, busiest

Well, this has been a looooong week.  Juggling home stuff and badge stuff – supporting teenager meltdown over school vaccinations, getting orders out to Australia and USA, preparing for fast- approaching teenager birthday (assuming her arm doesn’t fall off from the vaccination – joke),  designing, making and photographing new stuff, hospital appointments, 2 school trips to the theatre (luckily teen’s arm is still intact), fulfilling orders to Germany and Belgium….

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STOP.  I need a coffee.  Probably more than one.  Tell you what, just line them up, I’ll tell you when…