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As the Covid-19 restrictions are being gradually relaxed and we tentatively venture back out into the wide world, keeping a social distance has become the new norm.

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I have certainly found going out quite stressful now – especially in the supermarket – I’m very conscious of being too close to other shoppers or staff.  Two metres is often impossible in supermarket aisles, small shops and even on the pavements here, especially in rural towns and villages.  And then there are those who don’t seem to have any self-awareness of their surroundings or concept of what a metre (or 2) actually looks like and they’re up close and personal before you can say “lockdown”.   You try and manoeuvre around them, outwit where they are going to go next and they either stay rooted, right in the middle of the path so you can’t get past without a mumbled ‘excuse me’ through the mask, or they head straight for you like a heat-seeking missile.

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No more browsing for me or taking time to decide what to get for dinner.  Now it’s all done with military precision:  mask, hand sanitizer and list at the ready – and I’m in and out of that shop in record time.  Afterwards it’s straight back home, no window shopping or quick latte as a treat – I am just too mentally exhausted by the fancy footwork and the constant need to have my wits about me.


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I know we will get through this, the human race is resilient if nothing else and there will be better times ahead.  But in the meantime, although the restrictions may be relaxed, the virus has not gone away.  We still need to take care.

Stay safe.  x