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This week is National Coffee week in the UK.  I’m not sure what that actually means to be honest, but hey, every day is a National this-that-or-other Day so I suppose it’s only right that coffee gets a fair crack of the whip.

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Anyone who knows me also knows that I love coffee.  I’m a coffee addict: my blood group is Skinny Latte positive.  If I don’t start the day with a coffee hit, then look out happy people – there’’s a grump on the loose.


My morning coffee time is my quiet time: it’s when I get work done on the computer, or catch up on reading, it’s when I can sit and work on more designs.  It’s a very valuable stop time – something I’ve learned to embrace and not feel guilty about.  I used to fret: “what am I thinking, sitting here doing nothing when there’s so much to do”.  And there you have it – the proverbial nail on the head – because there will always be more to do!  We all strive to make more time, only to fill it right up again.   

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My coffee time grounds me (see what I did there?), it allows me to stop, sit down and take time out. Rather than feel guilty about it, I channel it into being a more positive experience and a creative opportunity.  Coffee and creativity – perfect partners – now what’s not to like?

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