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LOUIE the Bichon Frise

Today we are giving this blog post over to an honorary member of our staff:


I was taken in by new family when my previous owner couldn’t look after me anymore.   My new “owners” (anyone who lives with a Bichon Frise knows no-one really owns one) say I’m a beautiful, most gorgeous, attention seeking, loving and affectionate, it’s-all-about-me diva of a dog.  And who am I to disagree?

louie-autumn-jumper.jpegHave you ever met a dog so happy to see you, or a dog who loves to be the centre of attention so much?  Nope. I can melt your heart with just one look and my cutesy little poses. But hey, you leave that bin unattended for just one minute and it’s asking to be raided right?  And what’s this? You’re showing that pesky cat affection? But look at me, see how gorgeously, gorgeous I am.  Look, I can dance and do tricks.  Now you show me a cat who can do that!

Bichon ball

I’ve heard humans say Bichons can be very lazy but I prefer the term: selectively relaxed.  Now you do see a lot of other non-selectively relaxed dogs jumping around at the chance of a walk, going nuts at the sound of the dog lead being rattled.  But that’s not for me – any walk has to be a short one – I’ll let you know once I’ve had enough by laying full splat out on the pavement and no, I won’t budge for anyone or anything.  Plus the weather has to be just right and even then I have to be ‘feeling it’. Too hot? Nope, not today. Too cold? Are you serious?Raining?  Snowing? Windy?  With this fur?  I don’t think so.  Is that a slight incline?  You’ve got to be kidding me?

2018-08-01-10-31-07My humans may think I’m high maintenance in the best diva fashion, but the love and affection I give them is total and unconditional.  I can do wonders for a bad day and a quick cuddle will make things seem not quite so bad. I really do love everyone (well, maybe not everyone, there’s the squirrels, I can’t stand squirrels.  Oh, and of course the pesky cats…and the groomers and then there are the vets. Vets really get me rubbed up the wrong way). OK, maybe I don’t love everyone, but did I mention that I can dance and do tricks and generally look adorable?  

Bichon Frise gift

Being as cute and gorgeous as I am, I naturally adore the camera and the camera also adores me (I don’t have a best side, all my sides are best sides darling)..  Of course, this lucky for my humans. They just love taking my photo and they must have hundreds of pics of me by now – I might have to start charging them royalties..


I know my humans worry a great deal when my health plays up – I admit I’ve given them much cause for concern this year.  Still, I like to think I bring a lot of love to their world and to everyone I meet.

Louie summerMy humans say I mean everything to them and do you know what?…..they mean everything to me.  Even though they persist on taking me for walks, regular grooming, the visits to the vets, banning me from bin raiding and the strange insistence on keeping those pesky cats –  I wouldn’t change them for the world!

loulou doodle

*Typed up by humans on account of keyboard being incompatible with dog paws.

You can follow Louie’s Insta page:  HERE


Louie also has a crowd-funding page to raise money for treatment of her kidney/bladder problems:

All proceeds from Louie badges/magnets are donated to Louie’s crowdfunding page