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Every couple of months we have a little bit of fun with a feature called: ‘Who wears it better?’ – where we compare a couple of examples of how to look stylish in a pinback badge.

All you need is love a badge

First up in this month’s battle of the pins is the late, great George Harrison.  Now I have to own up, I loved George – he was my favourite Beatle back in the day, so I may be ever so slightly one-sided here.  But I digress – George is looking totally gorgeous and totally on fleek 1970s in this photo (taken in 1974).  The badge is a little oversized: big enough to see the illustration, but not too big that you look like you’ve just left a toddler’s birthday party. Personally, I would have stopped with just the 1 badge, but he is George – so he can do no wrong.  OK, yep that was a teensy weensy bit bias.



Next up is the Secretary of State for Health, The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP.  Here we see Jezza unfortunately looking like he’s sat on an open pinback just as the camera

Pickled egg sarnie anyone?

clicked.  (Oops, don’t worry Jez – we’ve all been there).  Jeremy is wearing his official NHS pin – although at first glance I thought it said MI5 for a minute (but then I do need new glasses).  And therein lies heart of the problem –  the size on the badge.  Basically it’s just too small.  Now I realise it isn’t Jeremy’s fault – after all, this is the official pin and he is obliged to wear it, but it is something to bear in mind.

Whilst a badge which is too large can look childish and attention grabbing, a miniature version can be just as off-putting.  No-one wants to get up that close and personal to read a tiny pin (and especially when it’s stuck onto a politician).  Not only do you get the message, you may well get to know what they had for lunch into the bargain.


Sorry Jeremy, but George is the runaway winner here.  Got it right on all fronts (see what I did there?).  Tiny badges are not the way to go: no-one wants to get within 10cm of your heaving chest or smell the pickled egg sandwich you had an hour ago.  And personal space is well… such a personal thing.  So well done George! (from a totally unbiased panel of 1 judge).




Everyone loves buttons and badges – but some people seem to wear them with more panache than others.  So, just for fun…. who wears it better?

Screenshot 2017-05-22 at 09.40.19 - Edited


Jacob Rees-Mogg – seen here at a recent hustings in a rather flamboyant rosette and centre button.

To wear a badge of this size, you certainly need the self-confidence to match.

Bit showy for our liking, but it does grab the attention, so we guess it does the job.





Lady Constance Bulwer-Lytton, a.k.a Jane Warton, Suffragette and campaigner – protesting in Liverpool 1910.

Posing as a seamstress (Jane Warton) – the badge and enamel pins fit in well with the outfit.

Not too over-elaborate, but just enough to show alliance and call attention to the cause.





We think that Lady Constance pulls it off here.  She shows just how to wear a badge with flair and class.  Sorry Jacob – you forgot the first rule of button wearing: only wear a badge as big as your face if you are under 10 years old.

WINNER:  Lady Constance


**We don’t actually have a wooden badge for Mr Rees-Mogg – but we CAN recommend one of these:

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