We hope you are all having a great time this holiday.  It’s been a bit different for us at ButtonChops Towers this year: the number of guests around the table have been down because of work commitments, but I guess that is inevitable as the children grow up.  I do miss them being kids though.   No more toys wrapped up in giant boxes (which they often preferred to play with anyway).  Now the presents are much more smaller and much, much more expensive!


Although the dynamics were different, we tried to do all the things we would normally do.  Catch fire to the Christmas Pudding, pull crackers, toast marshmallows, wear paper hats during Christmas dinner, read out and groan at the Christmas jokes.  We have a lot of rituals in our house at Christmas – I used to worry that people would get bored of everything being the same, but they seem to like the familiarity of it.  It gives a sense of security in a strange way. In addition, my youngest daughter is autistic and Christmastime can be very stressful for her – new foods, surprises, lots of lights, busy times, visitors, change in routine etc. But we found that creating our own Christmas routine (and soft twinkle lights) has actually helped her to enjoy Christmas instead of dreading it.


Now, we are concentrating on taking a little time out, to try and take a pause, reflect on the year and maybe even do a little bit of planning for the next one!